multiwan with PPPOE (VDSL2) load balancing firewall rule stops working after a while

  • Hi guys,

    I've got a XG-7100 and another instance of pfsense running as a VM on ESXi. the XG-7100 is connected to 3x VDSL2 connections, each interface authenticating using PPPOE. The VM instance does the same but with 2x VDSL2 lines.

    I created a gateway group on each pfsense with all WAN interfaces as tier 1 and a LAN firewall rule to use that group as gateway. It works abosultely fine, I get each VDSL2 connection of 80mbit aggregated giving 210mbit on one pfsense and 140 on the other, it works pretty well.

    The problem comes a few days after that, the rule is still there but the load balancing for some reason is not working. The connection is up, the next hop latency just fine for all lines but the rule throws all traffic through one of the lines only (not necessarily the default WAN) and keeps like that going forward. I tried resetting the states but no joy, then disabling and re enabling the LAN firewall rule makes it work back again.

    This sees to be a bug to me. Any thoughts? Should I open a bug report?

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