Help tracing a block problem

  • I'm trying to track down something that I think is being blocked by my pfSense configuration but am not that versed into how to do so. I don't see anything "specific" in the various logs.

    My problem isn't with a site but a function the site uses, their live chat for customer support. The site is and on my end the "live chat" from their site appear red and clicking it does nothing.

    I've tried numerous browsers on several systems within my network at various OS platforms and browers/levels and all will not allow the live chat. I went as far as plugging a laptop directly into my cable modem and also had disabled my wi-fi on my phone and using chrome or mozilla the live chat from their site will work properly so it's something with my pfSense configuration I just can't determine what exactly or how to have it bypass properly.

    I am using Squid and Clam AV and pfBlockerNG. I think I've attempted to disable them but apparently not entirely as I'm still unable to allow the live chat through.

    Any suggestions?


  • It's most likely the proxy or pfB. Properly disable them and try your test again. If you're running squid in transparent mode, you could add your site's hostname to the Bypass Proxy for These Destination IPs list.

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