• Hi guys,

    First off; thanks for a fantastic product!

    I'm testing & going some device builds inside a VM. (though I'm not entirely sure the issue is VM-specific)

    I run Ubuntu 64-bit (Hardy & Intrepid; work & home respectively), KVM & 2 NIC's & both the bridging control set up OK.

    My LAN is & my WAN is No VLAN's defined

    So far so good.

    I do a fair whack of other work on the same boxes & consequently have to drop & recreate/remap interface of the virtual systems.
    After altering interfaces (& therefore MAC's), only the LAN interface if OK, but WAN is completely down.

    "Assign Interfaces" at terminal only picks up the previously assigned MAC addresses.
    I need to do a "Reset to Factory Defaults" & so force the re-detection of interface before I can get WAN communicating with nodes on the WAN.

    All that works in this scenario is interface-0, despite having the incorrect MAC (which at least allows me to get in & do the reset)

    A possible solution may be to flush & force the re-detection of interface when selecting "Assign Interfaces" from the console menu



  • Issue may have been related to KVM/VM, but solution would be by re-scanning for changes in interfaces.

    Seems somewhat OK in standard standalone box


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