default route no longer working

  • Hey folks - I've been working on a project and the result is that I've learned a lot...and also seem to have broken something.

    original goals

    1. create a SSL OpenVPN connection for an 'on demand' iOS profile
      2.A. get a client OpenVPN to TorGuard working to route some traffic out through VPN
      2.B. route traffic from those on-demand clients out through TorGuard and deny them access to any internal network

    So here's what I did

    1. got the on-demand server and client working, connects fine
    2. learned a lot about aliases and rules and got it working to allow outbound to WAN but block to all internal network (with a few pin holes)
    3. finally got TorGuard working... something I've been tinkering with for months.
    4. turned on hybrid NAT

    here's what happened
    Now, traffic cannot route out of my LAN, other internal networks, or 'more trusted' OpenVPN connections without me specifying a gateway in the advanced settings in firewall rules. The default option doesn't work.

    The result is that, for instance, my trusted Road Warrior OpenVPN request a gateway to route traffic out. But when I set that gateway, I cannot reach my LAN.

    My question is...
    My perception is that adding the three (really the first) TorGuard VPN client broke something in my routes. I tried deleting them all and re-creating the clients and the interfaces in case something was just twisted in the config. No dice.

    Is correct to assume that I should be able to use the default rout settings in most rules and the system will route things appropriately over the selected default (wan) route...then only where I explicitly want to route over TorGuard I can set those settings in a specific rule.

    Here's my gateways:

    alt text

    here's my outbound NAT
    alt text

    here are my LAN rules
    alt text

    and my OpenVPN rules (for trusted VPNs)
    alt text

  • FWIW I have “don’t pull routes” set for the TorGard OVPN client connections

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you are not pulling routes then you have to policy route to the VPNs. I don't see anything there that does that.

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