Routing Specific IP's using MultiWAN

  • Hi all,
    so brand new to pfSense and love my new firewall ☺

    I have a question regarding routing specific IP addresses to one of two WAN Interfaces, please?

    I have two broadband connections, one from BT and the other from Plusnet here in the UK.

    Both I and my son play on PS4 which always has issues with DNAT which usually manifests itself in one of us getting disconnected when we share the same connection.

    I would like to route my son's PS4 to BT and my PS4 to Plusnet.

    I have set up two rules on the LAN side, one with the source of my son's PS4 IP Address and the other with my PS4 IP Address.

    I have allowed any protocol and chosen BTWANNET as the destination. In advanced options, I have chosen the BT PPPoE interface.

    I have applied similar rules for my PS4 but swapped the destination for PLUSNETWAN and in advance chosen Plusnet PPPoE Interface.

    I guess I am asking if what I have configured is correct and will work? Also being new to this firewall I wanted to understand if there is a way of testing that these IP's are routing as intended?

    thanks in advance

  • Just to let you all know if anyone is interested, everything in my post applied, but the rules for the LAN have to be the first in the list to ensure the standard routing table is not used.

  • Pfsense is looking from top to bot. So first rule first ;)
    You can see how much Traffic goes over this Rules. If there is any you have triggert it.
    Or do a Tracert from one of the PS4 and look if they go other ways.

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