New installtion question

  • Hello, I am new to PFSense and have a couple of questions about the configuration. I have searched the forum but have not found anyone with the same setup as me. I am a bit confused about the Hostname and Domain Name.

    My setup now is a netgear vpn router / firewall. I have a static IP from my ISP. On my LAN I have an email server, a web server, and a web application that runs on an assigned port. All ports are forwarded to the correct LAN machines in the netgear firewall.

    I have setup at my registrar,, and This setup has been working well for many years. My reason for changing to PFSense is the ability to block many ranges of ip's. The netgear has a small limit of entries.

    I have to admit that DNS is my weakness. I have read a lot of papers on the concept but I just can't seem to wrap my head around the actual setup.

    I believe that eventually I will be able to handle all of the dns stuff with PFSense instead of at the registrar. But for now I just want to get the box up and blocking unwanted IP's from accessing anything on my open ports.

    My question is what do I put in the hostname and domain name fields in the configuration.

  • @frankbicknell I have it all sorted out. I didn't quite realize that it is the hostname and domain of the pfSense appliance. It is up and running and so far with pfBlocker my spam, scams, and extortion emails are down by 90%. What a great piece of work. Thank you.

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