HP Qlogic NC523SFP Driver install Freebsd 11 pfsense kernal recompile

  • Hi Guys,

    Basically, I have a Dell R210, Trying to get the HP Qlogic NC523SFP+ Dual 10G Fiber Card to work with it.

    BIOS is recognising it, however I am unsure on how to recompile the kernal with the information speicfied here:


    Can anyone please kindly show me what I might have to do?

    I've edited loader.conf with the information, but kernal I have no idea where to start.


  • You would need to load up a machine with FreeBSD 11.2, compile the module according to the directions, then copy the compiled module to your pfSense box and add the line to loader.conf.

  • Thank you very much for the reply.

    I can't see any instructions on that website on how to compile the driver.

  • Best source is the handbook.

    Edit- Actually, that's for compiling it into the kernel. You should just be able to copy the file from a stock FreeBSD install.

  • Ahh,

    So what you mean is that I go ahead and install FreeBSD with this NIC installed, then copy over the modules over to pfsense?


  • Yes. You should be able to find if_qlxgb.ko in /boot/kernel/ on the stock FreeBSD box.
    Copy this over to the same location on pfsense and add the line to /boot/loader.conf.local (create /boot/loader.conf.local if needed)

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    Here you go.


  • Yes yes lad!

    Thanks - I appreciate that. It's recognised now on the pfsense gui!

    Thank you once again!!

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    Glad you have it working now. ☺


  • Hello everyone. This is my first time in this forum and I found this thread explaining exactly what I was looking for. I don't know much about freeBSD, my previous experiences are only writing code for Arduinos... so a big step for me - literally, I just started yesterday with freebsd CL (please don't yell at me or make fun of me, everybody has to start somewhere)
    I'm building a pfsense router (Asus P9D-c4L / e5 1268L V3 / 8GB PC3-10600E / NIC NC523SFP based on Qlogic 8200 // qlxgb driver) to connect to my freeNAS box and ESXI PC. The NIC is supported in both and is recognized automatically.
    I currently have 2 VMs running, one pfsense 2.4.4 p1 and the second freeBSD 11.2... I'm staring at both screens and I don't know where to go from here...

    How do I copy qlxgb.ko from FreeBSD? to what physical/virtual media? how do I copy it to pfsense? how do I open loader.conf.local and add the line? I'm guessing the line is if present, "yes" run the driver.

    As basic as it might sound to you, I need to do this to get my home network fully working. If you might point me to a thread where it is more "step-by-step" explained, so I could see the commands used, syntax... I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! and thanks to @Rico for sharing the module. I guess I only need to add it to pfsense. But as I said before, I would really like to see all the commands used to achieve it. (learning opportunity for me)

  • a follow up note... correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    could I use the file @Rico uploaded and save it to a USB drive and then in pfsense...

    mount -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt
    cp -iprv /dev/da0s1/if_qlxgb.ko /boot/kernel/

    to enter the new line

    vi boot/loader.conf.local



    so I did it in the VM and it said it created a new file... 1 line 19 characters... So I guess I was successful at creating the conf in the VM... no luck coping qlxgb.ko yet.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Hi,

    The way I copied the file to the machine was through FileZilla SFTP client. Easy that way.

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    Yeah, SCP or SFTP is the easy way. :-)


  • Hey guys! you're the best!!! you deserve a beer... I thought it was going to be something really complicated as building the install from source, but it only took me like 5 minutes to get everything up and running after reading your advice. I used WINSCP so it was pretty much drag and drop.
    Thanks @ibysmalls and thanks @Rico

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