PFsense keep crashing randomly, please help

  • Hi,
    My pfsense box keeps crashing and I'm not able to determine what's the root cause of the problem.
    Please find attached the log file provided by the Crash Report. Let me know whether other details may be useful... I don't know where I can gather more details of the problem.
    Thanks in advance,
    Warden[0_1548375940551_pfsense-crash-reporter](Uploading 100%)

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    The first dump shows an issue with DarkStat:
    curthread = 0xfffff8000674c000: pid 55216 "darkstat"

    The second crash is related to The NIC:
    curthread = 0xfffff80003dd0000: pid 12 "irq259: re0"

    As these are different crashes, we can almost rule out software. I would do a FSCK/reinstall if it comes back each of these are related to the network stack, perhaps uninstall extra packages see if it still happens. It could be the realtek nic causing the issue, swapping to an intel might solve all of these issues.

    FSCK instructions:

    1. Reboot your pfSense firewall and boot into Single User Mode by pressing '2' at the loader menu. It will boot to a question asking for a path to the shell, just press return to reach the # prompt.

    2. At the # prompt run the following command:
      /sbin/fsck -y /

    Run the fsck command at least 3 times; Repeat the command until no errors are reported, even if fsck claims the filesystem has been marked "clean".

    Reboot by running: /sbin/reboot

  • @chrismacmahon Many thanks, will perform the tasks and report back shortly.

  • The fsck found several errors to be fixed.
    The re0 interface issue happened again, so I decided to stop using it, and replaced it with a USB / ETH adapter instead. Seems to work fine so far...
    Thanks for your help.

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    That's great! The NIC support for USB is pretty bad, you might have other random weirdness going on.