• Hi Guys,

    After a bit of advice, having a problem with my multi wan setup.

    I'm trying to set it up to failover from one to the other, but I think I seem to be load balancing.

    I've attached a photo of the gateway group setup, the preferred (and default) gateway is set to tier 1, and the backup to tier 2. Not sure what I have missed 🤔

    Hopefully I have explained this ok.

    thanks in advance.

    ![1_1548426780890_1DB60469-680A-449F-821F-91EA336BD3D1.png](Uploading 1%) ![0_1548426780889_64422736-C213-4658-BB8F-CA4539D51160.png](Uploading 1%)

  • 0_1548426846006_FBB536EB-7413-491E-8D84-183EFD644D4B.png


  • Did you set the Lan rule right? To use the GW Group?
    Rules - Lan - Allow Lan to anywhere - advanced - outgoing gateway (or something similair)

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