Moving vlan/dhcp off Pfsense Plan

  • Quick question. Can someone look over this to make sure i'm not missing anything. Moving vlans and dhcp off pfsense to layer 3 switch. Currently setup and working in lab just would like another pair of eyes. Cheers!

    • Create Transit network (.1 on firewall LAN and .2 on switch. .1 is next hop)
    • Make switch port connected to transit network Trunk
    • Configure vlans on switch with .1 of firewall next hop
    • configure static routes for each network on layer 3 switch in pfsense
    • Configure gateway on pfsense with .2 of switch IP as destination
    • Point all static routes on pfsense to gateway just created of switch
    • Make sure firewall rules for LAN allow all traffic

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    @creek01 said in Moving vlan/dhcp off Pfsense Plan:

    Make switch port connected to transit network Trunk

    This is NOT needed.. I think your misunderstanding what a transit network is. Unless your transit is going to be a tagged vlan there is no reason this interface has to carry tagged vlans.

  • @johnpoz
    Yeah i didn't want to give it a vlan, however when i created the interface on the MS250 switch it required i give it one.

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