Phase 2 Not starting until remote sends traffic

  • I need advice troubleshooting an IPSEC problem between our pfsense 2.4.4_1 and a Cisco device. Phase 1 establishes properly, but Phase 2 doesn't appear on my side until they send traffic (ping) to us. Our pings to them aren't causing a Phase 2 to appear and display "Packets_out" like I would expect. After they send us a ping, Phase 2 works as expected, but only the Phase 2 pairs they have pinged. We have 2 Phase 2 configurations, if they only ping one of them, the other doesn't establish. I don't believe this is a Rule issue on either side as all traffic flows as expected once Phase 2 comes up.

    We are Phase 2 NAT'ing to a single address (/32) the LAN from our side (which is actually a /24) to a /23 LAN on their side. I mention it because I haven't done a lot of IPSEC NAT and am wondering if I missed something there. Do I need to setup a VIP to make the NAT address exist before they ping it or something like that?

    Also, I can't locate anything in the IPSEC logs on pfsense regarding this connection. Can anyone advise which "IPSEC Logging Controls" need increased to "Diag" or maybe "Highest" to troubleshoot Phase 2?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The current defaults should be good.

    The current defaults are IKE SA, IKE CHILD SA, and Configuration Backend to Diag. Everything else Control.

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