pfSense appears fully functional but doesn't appear to fully boot.

  • I've got a strange issue that I just happened to find when attaching a monitor to my pfSense router... it is normally headless. I am not finding anything not working from the web interface or any other functionality, but the monitor makes it look as if it is still in the process of booting.
    alt text
    I have just updated the system to 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64), hoping that may make a difference, as I saw this on the previous, but I still see the following on the screen. Any ideas as to what is wrong and how to fix it?

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    @ronrn18 said in pfSense appears fully functional but doesn't appear to fully boot.:

    Any ideas as to what is wrong and how to fix it?

    What's wrong? You don't read release notes and the upgrade documentation.

    How to fix it? Learn to read these things.

  • Grimson, you were not very helpful and downright insulting and rude. As this is a community support forum, I was asking for help, not for some moron to throw insults. I ultimately re-installed pfSense and used a backup to configure it, but I was curious as to why I was seeing this bizarre situation where it was fully functional from the web interface and all other functions, only appeared to be locked in boot-up when a monitor was attached to the machine running pfSense. I could understand if it appeared to not fully boot up and nothing was working, but for everything to be working it was quite confusing.

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    The answer there is that it is fully booting but that the console you're looking at is not seeing the output.

    The reason for that is the console type changed and some hardware doesn't support it. I imagine that was upgraded to 2.4.4 since it was installed?
    Installing again from an install media that was booted UEFI will result in the install booting UEFI and the new console type is valid there.


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    That is quite possible... I don't recall the last time I re-installed from a USB flash drive. I've been using pfSense for several years now. I've changed hardware a few times over the years, where I needed to re-install. I generally do not have a monitor/keyboard attached to my router machine running pfSense, so most maintenance is performed from the web interface. I usually have anxiety about a re-install, but this time it was actually fairly painless... I made sure I had downloaded the config.xml file first. One interesting thing I found though is when I went to download the latest image, the latest image was 2-4-4-p1 but 2-4-4-p2 is the latest version. I updated from the console and then did a restore with my config file.

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    We don't usually put out a patch release image for CE but there were a sufficient number of issues with 2.4.4 that we did this time (along with all the additional testing that incurs). P2 is a much smaller patch, installing p1 and upgrading should be painless.


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