SG-1100 with AVAHI - Issues with SamSung SmartThings?

  • Have AVAHI service working, and am slowly migrating IoT over to its own VLAN, and so far from the main LAN:

    • Google Chromecast - No Issues
    • Google Home Mini - No Issues
    • Nest Thermostat - No Issues but this interfaces with cloud
    • Nest Hello - No Issues but this interfaces with cloud
    • Samsung Q6 Series TV - Cannot Cast to it, and does not appear on SmartThings APP - Does anyone have feedback on this? Settings on this service are pretty straight forward.
    • LIFX Bulbs x 2 - Up Next, anyone know of expected issues?
    • SONOS Connect Amp - Leaving this for last, anyone know of expected issues?
      Thanks in advance

  • Main LAN IoT VLAN 10
    Firewall Blocking access from IoT to Main LAN

    My understanding is that this should not impact mDNs via AVAHI, and hence why Google prods work.

  • Hi @penicheiro,

    Have you tried running a packet capture yet on both your LAN's to see what connections devices are trying to establish and on what ports? This should provide some more insight as to why things aren't working quite right.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well, I realized after typing it was probably a better idea if I had placed the question on the Avahi Forum. @tman222 , thanks for the input. As it turns out just as I was diving in to try to tackle the issue, a day after I posted it, it all started working with no additional changes...

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