Dynamic DNS Client and Hurricane Electric (he.net)

  • I had trouble finding a definitive answer for how to properly configure Dynamic DNS in pfsense (2.4.4_2 presently) to update a Dynamic DNS record in he.net so here goes:

    he.net > Free DNS

    1. Create new "A" Record
    • Name = The URL you want to your IP to resolve to MINUS the domain (ex. newddnsrecord instead of newddnsrecord.domain.com)
    • Check the box "Enable entry for dynamic dns" (this will populate the IP address with your current public IP)
    • Click Submit
    1. Generate DDNS Key
    • You should now see your shiny new DDNS record in your full list of records. Under the "DDNS" column, press the "refresh" icon to generate a key for the DDNS record
    • Either enter your own key or press "Generate a key" (This will be used as your password later on) and press "Submit"

    pfSense > Dynamic DNS

    1. Add new Dynamic DNS Client

    After you save, you should see your public IP in green next to the new DDNS Client!

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