multi wan with 1 LAN port

  • Hello, so there's my situation , I have a pfsense box with 2 ports.

    Port1 - WAN
    Port2 - LAN

    Port2 is connected to a switch.
    There are also 2 other routers connected to the switch (let's call them routerB and routerC).

    Pfsense Lan port has an IP of That's what I am using as the gateway in my machine to connect to the internet.

    RouterB has an IP of -
    RouterC has an IP of -
    I can use these IPs as default gateways to connect to the internet from my main machine as well.

    So here's the question -
    Is there any way to configure pfsense to use RouterB/routerC to access the internet.

    So I could be using different internet connections from different machines over pfsense.

    Thank you.

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