Arpwatch enhancements -> Interface descriptions and email with interface information

  • Hi,

    i did not like the interface names on the arpwatch database listening. So i created a patch for it.

    Maybe it is a bug, because it shows "LAN", "OPT1" and so on as the interface-description instead the user defined description under the interface general settings.

    --- arpwatch_database.php   2019-01-24 16:44:30.143901000 +0100
    +++ arpwatch_database.php        2019-01-24 16:44:52.875785000 +0100
    @@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
                 <?php if (count($entries)) : ?>
                 <?php foreach ($entries as $entry): ?>
    -                <td><?=htmlspecialchars($entry['ifdescr'])?></td>
    +                <td><?=htmlspecialchars($entry['ifname'])?></td>

    Path: /usr/local/www/

    So it uses the Interface name with the vlan tag: "vmx0.100".

    I also had in my memory, that arpwatch was sending emails with the interface of the detected arp-packets in the message body. But since one of the last couple updates i where missing this feature. Does someone have an idea?

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