Any good cheap duel 10Gig Ethernet SFP+?

  • Looking to upgrade cards.
    Since I been scooping eBay for past 4 months trying to find a good 10gig card.
    Googling each one card I find,
    -They either won't work
    -Google tells me something else
    -Re code it or re-add firmware
    -Stupid ebay buyers setting auction price up 1k so no one can outbid them etc. "Yes I saw this happen"

    Basically, I don't want to risk buying a card that won't work for pfsense...

    Does anyone have a good 10GIG Ethernet SFP+ card for pfsense?
    And which ones you recommend and why they are good.

    Thanks, everyone! :)

  • Galactic Empire

    Tried searching for these on eBay or maybe buy them from Netgate.

  • Banned

    While on some cheap cards the ports might fight against each other (over resources) you usually don't want this, so it might help to search for dual instead of duel cards. 😜

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