Internal Subdomain

  • Hi, I have a domani registred to external host and to external host I have created a record A that point to my windows machine ( - that is under pfsense, the problem is that when I try in my lan to access to subdomain i see the pfsense page (the same that i see to enter to configuration).
    I have tryed to configure DNS forwarder to put in Host Overrides the subdomain and IP but nothing... why? where is the problem?

  • That connects to a real website somewhere. However, without any info about how you set things up, it's impossible to advise you.

  • Ok sorry...

    The subdomain is a Real subdomain than i have set in to dns server external the Ip of the wan ( ip pubblic) that nat to ti port 80.
    First if I try to enter from my network ti subdomain I see the login page pfsense.
    I have read in this forum that i must enable dns reverse and put the route

    But nothing

  • resolved, thank you...
    confirm that must enable DNS Forward and put to host override the nat ip internal

    thank you

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