APU3c4 Slow Upload

  • I have setup a new APU3 with 2.4.4 and the lastest updates.

    I have a CenturyLink Fiber that is 100/100 and I get the full download, but upload is anywhere from 15 to 25 mbits.

    Reading thru the forums my expectation from this hardware would be 500/500 mbits pretty consistently. I had an APU1 before that was preforming the same but I chalked it up to the crappier network cards.

    I have changed a few settings on the system/networking/advanced, surly I'm missing a setting for this hardware.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the NIC link status in Status > Interfaces or by running ifconfig -a at the command line.

    Looks for errors on either WAN or LAN and make sure it's connected at the expected link speed. Probably 1Gb full duplex.

    If either is at half duplex you might expect to see that sort of reduction. If it is it's probably a sign that the modem is set at a fixed speed and not autoselect. The pfSense NIC must match that is so.

    100/100 should indeed be no problem at all for that box.


  • Port was set to autoselect, switching to 100 Full duplex got me 100/100 on the speed test.

    The CL fiber has a box that terminates the fiber to ethernet and then another box Ethernet to Ethernet that connects to my router. It was auto configuring at 1G full duplex.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, nice. So something there is set to fixed speed/duplex and was causing pfSense to fall back to it's default connection type.

    It would be better to have everything set to autoselect but some ISP still seem to insist on using fixed.


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