LAN +opt DHCP, always get ip from opt

  • i have
    DHCP on LAN with checked "deny unknown clients"
    and list of computers with mac addresses, ip, host names  …

    OPT with enabled DHCP unchecked "deny unknown clients"

    the idea was that computers listed into LAN dhcp always get same IP, and all other computers that are not listed in LAN dhcp, got ip from opt interface, but, no matter what, computer that is listed into LAN dhcp (mac, ip, hostname) dont pick up ip from lan, it pick it up from OPT.
    when turn of dhcp on opt or disable opt, than works perfect.

    do you know where is the catch ?

  • I assume you connected two interfaces to the same switch?
    This will never work.
    Traffic to a mac which is reachable over two interface, will only leave via one interface and always over this interface.
    ->Whichever interface has more priority within the system itself.
    It probably pure chance that your OPT has priority over the LAN. (or whatever mechanics decides that in FreeBSD).

  • yes, that is correct, both nic to same switch …

    is it possible to rise priority of LAN, and if there is no mac address in list of hosts, than (client, printer ...) computer gets ip from opt ?

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