How can I direct requests internally?

  • Hello, I've just fixed a port forward issue as per

    So, now on an internal LAN machine, browsing to, the pfSense router's login page loads.

    I think I need to tell the pfSense router to direct requests internally to the webserver. The webserver is behind the pfSense router. Would this be a port forward from machine to webserver ip

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    The best thing to do is enable split DNS, so when asks for the address of, it gets as an answer, not the public IP address.

    If you absolutely cannot do that you need to enable NAT reflection.

    If you do that you have to disable the HTTP port redirect and set a custom port for the https web gui. (System > Advanced)

  • Thank you for the advice.

    I read the pfSense book > Services > DNS Forwarder and tried the configuration in pfSense > Services > DNS Forwarder.

    I’m not sure if this is the correct location to create a DNS split as error: The DNS Resolver is enabled using this port. Choose a non-conflicting port, or disable DNS Reolver.

    Also, I notice your signature says do not chat for help. Do you mean no irc questions, why?

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    I am not on IRC. If you want a question answered, I prefer you do not use that.

    I am not on IRC so I won't hear you there either.

    You can do host overrides in Resolver too. You can't run forwarder and resolver on the same port at the same time.

  • Ok, added DNS Resolver Host Override, however LANMachine1 still loads pfSense login page, rather than

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    In the case of using just the 2LD for a web server (too bad that actually became a thing 20 years ago) you probably have to set the hostname to domain and the domain to com.

    Or set the hostname to www and the domain to and set the additional name for the host to hostname domain and domain to com.

    I would also see if it works instead with a blank hostname and a domain in the additional names section. If that makes a proper CNAME that's probably the say to go.

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