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    HI, we are a small isp in a small city. We were exploring features to deploy pfsense as a router. I have put 2 machines with pfsense. first one with openBGPD to get our /24 public ip pool live and the other for distributing local lan ips with a public ip for wan from the first pfsense box. What are the negatives that you see in using pfsense for an ISP in terms of thorughput and features (something like real time bandwidth monitoring for end users). or any thing else you want to suggest. Or any body has done it before and want to suggest their experiences on it. Let me know, if you require any further details with the setup.


  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    If you are looking to go down this path, I would strongly suggest getting our support team involved, As great as this forum is, you really need SLA's when your core business is impacted.

    As for OpenBGP; I would look into FRR over it, I'm using that internally and prefer it to OpenBGP.

  • Thank you Chris for your quick response. Will give FRR a try. Its only that we have started up and currently the volume is also low. With that said we are also looking to put up carp machines for high availability. As per your suggestion, once we have some volume and business kicking in, we will get professional help from your team. But do you see any downside in using pfsense as routers for ISPs. Thank you again for your time.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    No, I can let you know we have assisted several ISP's at the support desk.

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