Multicast routes not being received through IGMPproxy

  • Hi gents,

    I am trying to set-up my pfsense box for being able to receive multicast streams for the TV streams provided by my ISP (Bouygues Telecom, french ISP).
    Here are the technical details:

    • All the traffic is going through VLAN 100
    • Source prefixes for TV streams are :,,,
    • Source ports are either 8200 or 49152
    • Multicast prefix of the streams is
    • Destination ports are either 1234, 8200 or 8202

    All the internet traffic is coming from igb0.100 and translated to igb1 where I have my LAN.
    All the multicast traffic including IGMP protocol is allowed for the WAN interface (with Allow IP options checked in) in pfsense firewall section.
    I set up igmpproxy that way:

    phyint igb1 downstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint igb0.100 upstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint lo0 disabled

    but I am not receiving src routes with igmp proxy (debug log pasted elsewhere for keeping the post not too long):
    The multicast addresses are & in this example.

    I made several captures and it seems the only thing I am missing with my own router are those packets (captured with a bridge between the ONT and the router provided by my ISP):

    I am trying to figure out why I am no more receiving those announcements (from the OLT ?) and what are the root causes of my failure in trying to set up igmpproxy and the multicast routes.
    In case you wonder, my ISP is not providing any technical detail, all of the information in this thread is issued from my findings.
    I am also wondering is there is any possibility of restrictions being applied somewhere.

    In case you need more detail for helping me, I can:

    • have a look to my captures
    • set up once more a bridge between the router and the ONT
    • give complimentary information of my pfsense setup


  • By the way, is there any possibility to force the version of IGMP protocol from v3 to v2 ? I suspect this can be part of the reason of my problem.

  • Fun fact, if I start pimd without a proper configuration (only interfaces are correct), kill it and then start again igmpproxy, it works. Multicast routes are correctly received.
    Does anyone know the reason of this behaviour ?

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