can you import configuration file from console

  • hi my sisters pfsense router hard drive failed.. but I have question.. I keep copy of her configuration file and I have spare hd.. I tried to figure a way if this can be done.. instead of going to her house I tried installing pfsense on a new hard drive and at console I was looking to import the configuration file so I don't need to be at her house to reset up.. what I want is I install it at my house goto console screen import her config file. then I shut off comp... take out hard drive and then she would pick up the hard drive and just install it... is it possible to do this or you gotta set it up via the gui

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    If she can install a hard drive can't she just reinstall pfSense and restore the configuration instead?

    On current versions of the memstick installer there is a FAT partition. You can place the configuration to be restored in /config.xml or /config/config.xml and it will be automatically recovered at the end of the installation process.

    Else, if you use the ISO, you just connect to LAN and recover the config.

  • she has no idea how to do any of that.. and with the server case it has a external hot swap 2.5 sata drive all you do is pull out and push in

    I remote access into her server to adjust things for her.. as she lives couple hours away.. so I meet half way at her work and just would drop hd off..!
    ok ill put file on the usb and reinstall to hard drive I appreciate it..
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  • oh I have another question.. since she there her pfsense it boots partially but just keeps repeading UDMA or something like I guessing hard drive stuff..
    is there a folder she can see that she can copy the config file as I think I didn't back up a recent version of her pfsense
    I just curious if I can copy it off a hard drive

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    Probably not if it is not booting to the shell prompt. If the file system is readable and mountable then the installer can pluck a configuration off of it during the installation process.

  • ah ok... thank you very much for the speedy reply and the link ill read up on it.. (: most appreciative

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    You might also be able to use the external config loader here if you have a config that's new enough.

    It's also detailed on that link above.

    Install to a new hard drive and send that preinstalled. Also send a USB stick with the config file on it.

    pfSense will pull in that new config when it boots if it sees it in the right place. It checks on every boot not just at install time.


  • oh ok cool.. ill give that a shot too well ill tell her or ill practice it when she gives me her faulty hard drive... I did the conf folder and copied my older pfsense setup so hard drive is ready for her just to slide in the hot swap... but ill defently try that step too... I really appreciate the help great stuff (:

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