pfsense on dynamic and static ip, port forwarding

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    I need help and some clarification on my network. I'm new to pfsense i want to know more. I have some question on the diagram. please help.

    1. According to this forum, I can eliminate the routers on the diagrams but my problem is on the dynamic ip i think there is no possibility because there is no available fiber optic on my pfsense. Now how about the other router with static ip. Where and how can i set-up the ip, gateway, dns setting on the pfsense so that i can remove the router to enable the internet.

    2. How can i forward port with that set-up without removing the router with static ip.

    3. can i forward port of 80 of with the router with static ip.

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Port forwarding has ZERO to do with what IP pfsense has on its wan... If your public IP changes, then just use a dynamic dns setup so you know how to get to that IP.

    Port forward on pfsense is just what traffic hits its wan IP, and were to send it on too.

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