PPPoE - What is a Standard server reply

  • We have signed up with a new ISP they have PPPoE authentication and Static IP.

    I authenticate OK

    We receive the DNS,IP of WAN (/32) - but NOT a gateway address

    They tell me this is perfectly fine and way it 'should' work (pfsense will not work like this, a Windows 10 machine will)

    I have found a work around by adding another STATIC IP that matches the provided IP on the same interface as the PPPoE and then set the gateway to also be that same IP address on the new interface.

    Question: How standard is NOT issuing of gateway addresses over PPPoE, if its 'normal' how are other pfsense users overcoming this?

  • Have you assigned the static IP to the PPPoE interface or left the interface as DHCP through PPPoE?

    I have found when assigned a static it is just reserved by the ISP on their side, so you do not have to assign the static yourself you will always get assigned that fixed IP.

    What your seeing is not normal behaviour.

  • @timboau-0

    Did you ever figure this out? I am having a very similar issue (PFsense is picking up a non-static IP via PPPoE with the modem in bridge / pass-through mode). I have been given no gateway either.

    By adding a static IP did you change PF's WAN to static and then entered your static ISP IP? Or a virtual IP?

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