Processing of aliases

  • Hello,

    I have some lists with aliases, that I am using for NAT to some internal web-servers.
    How are the list of aliases being used?

    1. Server1
    2. Server2
    3. Server3

    When an inbound request is coming in, how does the machine choose with of the ones in the list to use.

    Does it go 1 and then 2 on next request, and so on.
    Does it send a request them all and let the fastest win.
    Or is just random, or something else??

    Kind regards

  • You cannot have IP-group-aliases as destination of an NAT rule.

    if you want failover or loadbalancing use the failover/balancing feature.

  • Hello GruensFroeschli,

    Then I'll use the failover/balancing feature.

    But just out of curiosity how does it chose which server to forward the request to, because we have been running with this setup in this test environment?

    Kind regards

  • afaik just the first entry in the list will be used. (dont take my word for that).
    I remember a post somewhere that explained what happens, but cannot find it right now.

  • Hello GruensFroeschli,

    I think you're right, as I tried to unplug the cable from the first server, and suddenly nothing seemed to work, boy where the coders unhappy.  :o WOOPSIE  (sorry coders)

    Can you also tell me, or point me in the direction of how to set the firewall rule up, when i setup the loadbalenceing nothing works.
    And when i delete the loadbalenceing and create the normal rule the i have to reboot the system?

    Kind regards

  • services –> loadbalancer
    create a pool of type "server" and add all your servers below.

    create a virtual server and use your pool.

    I dont remember anymore if you use as destination the IP of the interface on the pfSense or the IPs of the server.
    It would make sense if it were the IP of the pfSense since you essentially NAT to the server.
    I would have to try.
    The important part is, that you set as gateway your pool.

  • Thanks GruensFroeschli,

    I'll try with that in mind, but I think I'll make a virtual machine for this, don't want to mess with the coders again.

    If you remember anything more or find a guide or something please post it, it would be nice to fix this before we're going online with this

    Kind regards

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