Em2 loses connection after setup

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have pfSense set up on a VirtualBox running on Windows 10 with three NICs. I got the interfaces (em0, em1, and em2), firewall rules, and open VPN client set up and working. em0 is WAN, em1 and em2 each go to wireless routers. Everything works for about a day then em2 loses internet connection. pfSense shows em2 is connected and up with IP address assigned, but no traffic is getting through. I have tried removing the VPN and just using an allow all firewall rule, but it made no difference. The firewall log has nothing from the em2 interface.

    Any help would be appreciated.





  • Update: I factory reset everything and went through the set up again. Everything worked until pfSense was rebooted. Once rebooted Em2 lost internet connection.

  • not enough info to go on .... "loses connection" can be a zillion things
    logs & pings/traceroutes & packetcaptures will be needed

    it could just be conflicting subnets on certain interfaces?

  • @bmcglone said in Em2 loses connection after setup:

    I have pfSense set up on a VirtualBox running on Windows 10 with three NICs.

    That is most likely the source of your problem, such a setup might be acceptable for experimenting but for actual reliable use it's just crap. Install pfSense bare-metal or on a type 1 hypervisor like Proxmox or ESXi if you want a stable setup.

    Also there is a dedicated forum for virtualization: https://forum.netgate.com/category/33/virtualization

  • Thanks for the help. I upgraded to Windows Pro to use Hyper-V. Same setup and everything is working fine.

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