VT6107 - will it work?

  • My small VIA EPIA seems to have one VT6107 and one VIA VT6122, not crystal clear but seems so from this site.


    6122 seems to be ok, I've had OpenBSD on it using one interface, but if I remember correctly it was only one interface working so it might be BSD didn't like that other chip, or it was just my configuration disabling it I dont know.

    Anyway, any chance it will work in pfsense? I cant find any info about it and searching freebsd I find nothing on it, just the 6122 one.
    Its a small tight board and even tighter chassi, so it will be hard fitting additional cards in it…I might try that anyway cause I like the idea of three physical interfaces, maybe put a AP on one, but anyway I sort of need the two built in ones to work.

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Ouch, just saw the hardware-list in here, not listed there either. Maybe it can work anyway?
    VIA EPIA boards aren't THAT uncommon....maybe just my EPIA EK8000EG that happens to be equipped with one useless NIC and most EPIA's have other ones :(

  • I suspect the EK8000EG has a VT6107 while the EK8000ELG has the VT6122 (gigabit LAN). In both cases the "other" LAN is probably in the South Bridge.

    The FreeBSD vr driver appears to have recognition of at least a couple of variants of VT6107 so you should be able to use both interfaces.

  • Yeah it seems mine doesn't have any GB networking at all, the specs says "Ethernet, Fast Ethernet".
    So maybe both built in NICs are the 6107, and since at least one of them work in OpenBSD I guess both should work in pfsense….if both really are the same chip. Maybe the other one is some old 10Mb crap since it says both ethernet and fast ethernet :s

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