Can a remote VPN user (client) access other VPN IPSEC site to site?

  • We have a Pfsense version 2.4.4 configured with a VPN IPSEC site to site with our partner.
    Our Network is
    Partner network is
    Users connected in our local network ( access partner network ( successfully.

    We have also remote users connected to our Office with an OpenVPNClient.
    The OpenVPN is configured like that:
    Tunnel Network
    Local Network:
    Remote users get an IP in and reach successfully

    I need that also remote users ( can access customer network

    Is it possible to do such a thing?

  • @alessdom said in

    You need to create an additional PHASE 2 on both sides of the tunnel.
    for networks <-->

  • Thanks!,
    I've found a similar solution that doesn't require partner side intervention.

    I've added customer network in OpenVpn :
    Tunnel Network
    Local Network:,

    Then I've added Phase 2 with NAT:
    Local Network
    Remote Network:

    It works!

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