Switching systems, transferring settings, packages and rrd logs.

  • Just wanting to make sure that I follow the best route for switching boxes for my pfsense setup.  I currently have an old dell with 3 nics (wan/lan/and wrt54g as an ap), and I'm moving to an alix setup with a full install on an IDE drive.  I just got it working (damn you serial to usb adapter!) and I'm looking to migrate things over to the new setup (lan/wan/integrated wifi).

    I currently have imspector, nut and squid installed.

    Should I uninstall the packages before running the configuration backup? Or should I just install those packages on the alix before running the configuration restore?

    I just plan on backing up var/db/rrd/*.rrd on the old system as well as var/imspector, is there anything else I'm missing?

    Thanks all in advance, I think this setup may have some "firsts" as far as alix setups go, so I'll try and post some pics/tips when everything is up and running.

  • Please search the forums before posting - but see below:
    1. Leave everything as is on the old box and run a backup via GUI.
    2. Install the new system and assign the interfaces.
    3. Restore the backup
    4. Reboot and the box will auto-download and install the required packages.
    5. Double check your interface assignments on the box and for each package.

    I know the Squid conf will be part of the xml backup.  I can't speak for IMSpector, so you might be doing a good thing to manually copy that one.  You're dead on with the RRD too.  Good luck.

  • any ideas as to why copying over the .rrd files results in a bunch of "nan"s and blank graphs?  Is there something I have to tweak due to the changed interface names? (xl0 to vr0).  Again, I only copied the rrd files, I skipped the updaterrd.sh file.

    edit: It was a time issue, once i set the correct date/time, the graphs were fine.

  • Bringing this thread back from the dead, I have switched to yet another system, copied all of the *.rrd files, and while the graphs appear with the old data, none of the new data is appearing in the graphs, including in the system graphs.  The system time is correct, so I'm not sure what's going on.

    Edit: it would appear the period in which my system was offline, the logging was messed up.  Running updaterrd.sh manually produces:

    ERROR: illegal attempt to update using time 1251689375 when last update time is 1251697276 (minimum one second step).

    I believe I'm correct in assuming that just waiting a bit over two hours will cause the problem to solve itself?

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