Squid Problems PLEASE HELP

  • I an new to PFsense (great product) we are a local ISP (about 800 or so users) and we used to use IP Cop as our edge firewall. We have since moved to PFsense and we have been very pleased with everything however we keep running into problems with Squid. We are running 1.2.2 on a high end server Dual Xeon 2.33Ghz, 60 Gb SCSI in a Striped RAID to increase disk speed the server has 4gb of system RAM currently. To give you an idea we hit a good 7k of state table size allmost 90% of the time. Squid is needed to provide an easy form of throttling meda types. We installed the current Squid package 2.6.21_08 and follow the guide on these forums concerning the Kern.ipc.nmbclusters and things run rather smooth for the first day however come day two all of a sudden a good 30% of sites stop coming up and those that do are extremely slow. We have a good 15mb backbone and at the time we were testing this only about 4mb was used. If we disable the transpartent proxy then everything runs extremely well with no issues.

    Again the problem is very slow speed and unreliable connections to HTTP sites. We have no trouble to any other ports other than port 80 (of course) I verifed both of the DNS servers are reachable we have configured on the PFSense box, i can resolve within the server no problem.

    Here is my current loader.conf (as recommended here)

    #for squid

    Any suggestons anyone can give would greatly be appreciated. Again on the IP Cop boxes we had no trouble with the same load. If we uninstall the squid package and reinstall everything is fine for an hour or two then the problems begin to happen again. I am currently experimenting with cache options however nothing seems to help this issue.


    Thank you in advance

  • Less might be more:

    my loader.conf


    We're on 1.2.2 with Squid 2.6.21_08 also and see near line-speed throughput.

  • OT: How to increase a hit in state table?
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