OpenDNS, Dynaic DNS & PfBlockerNg DNSBL lists

  • I'm new to the platform. I've been able to successfully setup PfBlockerNG with it's associated lists. I am not trying to set OpenDNS as the dns for the network as another layer for filtering. I've found that the public blacklists are pretty poor compared to opendns so this is important.

    Most tutorials have the same steps to set this up, I follow them and DNS breaks. I believe there is a conflict with my PfBlockerNG setup.

    I'm not seeing the DNS show up in the client's network status, I'm getting the firewall's address. When I go to the OpenDNS test pages I am not getting blocked even though I have set these address as the firewall's default.

    DynamicDNS seems to be working ok, the IP updated.

    How do I get PfSense to get the clients on the right DNS IP?

    This is the main tutorial I was using.

    This forum speaks to the conflict in the setup, (I'm missing something)

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