Pfsense connecting to weird IPs

  • Hello.
    I have been testing a pfsense install on a system that is behind another router. The test box has internet access. I have been testing it and found that the default install is trying to connect to on port 123.

    I don't have any addons installed or any modifications. Its just a vanilla install. Does anyone know whats going on. It looks really weird to me.

  • mine did something like this until i manually configured the lan ip.  The wan ip changed automaticly due to my isp's dhcp.

  • Weird. Thanks for the reply.

  • yah, i think it's something to do with it's automatic detection…..i honestly don't know too much about it except that it works extremely well once you get it all setup.

    I'm kind of a newb myself but switching to pfsense has been the best thing i could have done for my network.

  • Port 123 is NTP, which is probably enabled by default (not got a virgin install in front of me).

  • ISTR that it is enabled by default and will connect to a randomly selected NTP server from

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