Pfsense logging and ramdisk

  • Hello all, very VERY new to this so please go easy on me.

    I recently setup pfsense 2.4.4.x (latest) on an old dell pc.

    1 hard drive, and it's an SSD (old intel 80gig, never used, laying around).
    it has 16 gigs of ram (yes, I know, more than enough, but that's the way it was so why not?).

    upon the initial setup/install of pfsense, I made a point to delete the swap partition. I have MORE than enough ram and don't wanna burn out the SDD.

    I setup /tmp and /var as ramdrives (1gig each).

    I've disabled all logging (that i'm aware of). and I have it set so that the ramdrives don't dump to disk when shutting down or rebooting.

    my question is: why is my /var folder up to 35% utilized despite reboots? I rebooted it last night, yet when it comes back up, it's still showing up. I thought upon reboot, it should be back to zero..

    what am I missing?


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