Static routing between LANs and VPN (pfSense in Azure)

  • LAN1 & LAN2 are actually Azure VNETs.
    LAN3 is an on premise network which is connected to LAN2 via a VPN gateway.


    Traffic can go between LAN1 and LAN2 (vnet peering in Azure)
    Traffic can go between LAN2 and LAN3 (via site-to-site VPN connection in Azure)

    Customer wants to be able to comunicate between LAN1 and LAN3 as well (needs to go via LAN2). Traffic initiated on either side. I'm unable to use allow gateway transit on the vnet peering since LAN1 already have a gateway for another VPN connection. So I try to use pfSense as an NVA.

    I've deployed a pfSense VM in LAN1 (pfSense1 - and another in LAN2 (pfSense2 -
    I've setup a static route on pfSense1 for to go via pfSense2. But that obviously is not enough.
    I can ping from LAN1
    I can ping from LAN2
    But I cannot ping from LAN1, either can I reach from

    Do I need to define a return route? NAT? If so, on pfSense1 or pfSense2? Must I mix in route tables in Azure?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Best regards,

  • I Have a equal problem with pfSense in AZURE. Hobe someone can give a hint.