Maximum number of VLANs

  • hello,

    can you tell me, if I can manage (create, add group in VLAN…) VLANs with PFsense.
    Moreover, what's the maximum number of VLANs that I can set up with PFsense?


    ps: sorry if I posted this message in the wrong part of the forum.

  • 4094 different VLANs (2^12=4096, 0x000 and 0xFFF are forbidden) are possible for each interface.
    Although VLAN1 is the default VLAN and should not be used as well.
    –> 4093 usable VLANs per interface.

  • that's good to me, I only need 18VLANs  ;D

    How can I associate a VLAN with a group? Have I to specify the name of the VLAN to a group?

  • group?
    You create VLANs on an interface under "interfaces" –> "assign" --> "VLAN".
    Everything else you configure on your switch.

  • a group of users. I want to associate a VLANs to a group of users.

  • You really have to be more verbose on what you want to do.

  • sorry, my mistake

    let me explain to you. I have a hub on which a lot of services are provide (SNMP, VLAN, DHCP…) but I want to have a solution to replace it if I have to. On this hub I configured many "communities". A community is a group of users. Each community is in a different VLAN. So 1 community = 1 VLAN

    Therefore I asked you if i can link a group of users (like my community) with a VLAN

    I hope, I clarified my problem.

  • The pfSense essentially "sees" each VLAN as an interface.
    For each interface on the pfSense you can create firewall rules.
    You have to configure "group-associations" (aka the PVID and VLAN membership) on the switch.
    It really depends on what switch you are using.

    Here is posted some screenshots to configure a FS726T.,14918.0.html

  • ok,

    I better understand how PFsense manges VLAN. It's very not similar compared with our architecture.

    thank you for your answers, I appreciate that.

  • I understood the association between VLANs and interfaces

    but in our configuration we've got a multi-services controller (WLAN switch "colubris") which associates VLAN with community ( SSID, VLAN, RADIUS' attributes, DCHP relay, gateway)

    Does PFsense manage this kind of "community"?

    if you want to, I can send you a screenshot concerning a configuration of a community

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