Access AutoConfigBackup files from 2.4.4?

  • I had to do a complete reinstall of 2.4.4_2 after my upgrade from 2.4.4 failed. I have 'legacy' AutoConfigBackup files from October 2018, but how do I access backups post upgrade to 2.4.4?

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  • @rico

    Thanks, I read that several times and couldn't see which scenario would allow me to access the backup files after the previous upgrade to 2.4.4, which was in October.

    I have my encryption code (from legacy setup) and the current device key.

    There's two possible solutions?

    1. #anchor(Restoring Backups from Another Firewall or a Previous Installation
      I)f the SSH key changes due to a re-installation of pfSense, the ACB package can restore a backup from the previous installation as long as the Device Key and the Encryption Password of the previous installation are both known.

    Navigate to the the Settings tab
    Set the Encryption Password to match the previous installation
    Navigate to the Restore tab
    Paste the old device key into the Device Key field
    Click the Submit button
    This temporarily allows ACB to display a list of backups for an alternate Device Key.

    ***** Does the Device Key change on reinstalling pfSense, or is it static for the hardware?**

    1. #anchor(Bare Metal Restoration
      I)f the hard drive is lost, the following procedure is necessary to recover the state of the new firewall installation to the last configuration change:

    Install pfSense on the new hard drive.
    Bring up LAN and WAN, and assign the hostname and domain exactly the same as it was previously configured.
    Install the AutoConfigBackup package.
    Configure the AutoConfigBackup package as described above, using the portal account and the same encryption password as used previously.
    Visit the Restore tab and choose the configuration to restore.
    After the restoration is done, reboot when prompted.

    ****I don't have this information. I may be able to find it, but it was not information I knew was critical.