Switching to Google Fiber. Help...

  • I am definitely a networking newbie but I learn quick and have been very happy using pfSense with my Spectrum 400/20 broadband. I just had Google fiber installed and I need to switch over with my existing network with my pfSense router at the head.

    Fiber Jack > Powerful Homemade pfSense box > Managed (not currently managing anything on my network) > clients

    Can I just connect my pfsense box directly to the fiber jack as if it was my old ISP? What configs do I need to make in pfSense. If anyone has a guide, been through this install or is willing to walk me through it I would greatly appreciate any help.


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    Hmm, you used tp have to set a VLAN tag of 2 and the CoS(vlan priority) to 3 but it looks like they may have dropped that requirement.

    Unfortunately I can only dream of Google fibre. 😉


  • Yes they have dropped those requirements. So what I have done just to get connected is: fiber jack > Google Fiber Box > Custom pfSense router > managed switch

    Am I going to lose any functionality in pfSense having their network box in front of pfSense router?

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    You are probably double NATing when you don't have to.

    You probably won't see any difference but it make setting up port forwards or services on the firewall, like a VPN, more difficult. You have to configure everything on both routers.
    Better to connect pfSense as directly as you can.


  • Another thread on this topic I'm aware of:


    Hope this helps.

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