HA CARP with one PUBLIC IP ,WORKS but no internet on backup Pfsense

  • HI
    I configure successfully HA cluster of 2 Pfsense .

    The Ha works as if i shutdown pf1 then pf2 takes relay and all works

    The question is when two pfsense are on (master and backup) i cannot get access of internet in backup one preventing me to upgrade pf2.

    Currently settings is that i got private ip on each pfsense for wan + one for CARP

    Then i got rules of nat in hybrid mode routing Wan to VIRTUAL IP F CARP that is Public IP.

    Any idea?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    With only one routable IP address the only node that can access the internet is the node that holds that address, which is presumably the CARP VIP.

    That is why your configuration is not recommended and is pretty much unsupported.

    Get a /29 to do HA.

  • Understood
    Thanks for taking time to respond.