No Internet on LAN

  • I know that this question has been asked before but im still having troubles

    I have DHCP on WAN and seems to be working fine
    I have DHCP on LAN and i can Ping pfSense and get into WebGUI fine but can get them to talk to each other and i can not ping or access any web addresses

    Im sure Im missing a really basic step

    Can any one help me out?


  • Re-examination of your cables
    And to no avail with you re your Altsib II

  • Is only the pfSense server handing out leases?  Have you disabled the previous DHCP server?

    Do the leases have the pfSense host as the default gateway and DHCP server (ipconfig/all will show you on Windows).

  • Cables are working

    yes pfsense is the only server with DHCP and clients all have correct gateways.

    the router on the wan side is a Netcomm NB6PLUS4W could it have some thing to do with this? Internet connection work fine straight into this but not through pfsense.

  • Could be.  Have you left the pfSense host doing NAT, or did you disable NAT?  Can clients on the pfSense LAN reach any other host between the Netcomm and the pfSense host?

  • no clients on the pfsense LAN can not reach thing other than the pfsense WebGUI they dont even get the portal page when Captive Portal is enabled. is it better to disable the NAT or use it.

    does anyone have a backup of there settings i can use as a start point im sure im missing something really small

  • I'd start with a fresh install - it sounds like you either have some broken hardware, or you changed settings you don't understand.

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