Troubleshooting limiters on floating rule not working

  • Hi all,

    I have a limiter set with CODEL on on a pfsense firewall running 2.4.4.
    When applied to a LAN interface (I have multiple with dot1q) using a rule on that interface, it works fine. The limit is enforced both ways no issue.

    I then disable that rule on the LAN interface and I create a similar rule with the interface selected being the same as the one for which I got it working say LAN, then Direction is set to in and specify the WAN gateway as required other than default, but it does not work as expected.

    I see states under this rule so it looks like it is matching however the limiter does not limit the traffic at all.

    Is there any reason why such a setup would not work? How can I go and troubleshoot?

    Assuming I get this working at some stage, if I select multiple interfaces (on the LAN side), would the limiter be applied to the sum of the interfaces or on a per interface basis. Let's say, if I apply 50Mbits limiter, would it be for the set of interfaces selected or would it apply 50Mbit per interface in the selected set?

    Thanks in advance for guidance/clarification.

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