Is it harmless to enable Traffic Shaping with one of the 2 WANs in Multi-WAN?

  • Hi,

    We have 2 WANs: "WAN" and "WAN2". We've enabled Traffic Shaping between LAN and WAN (not WAN2). Couple questions:

    1. Will we get intended traffic shaping from LAN to WAN? Or will it simply not work since it's a multi-WAN setup?

    2. Will enabling traffic shaper with just "WAN" interface not send any traffic to WAN2?

    3. Even if traffic is sent to WAN2, will loadbalancing work or will all traffic be sent through "WAN" first and only when "WAN" is maxed out as per the limit we gave while setting up traffic shaper, then traffic will flow through WAN2?

    Many thanks in advance for your answers….

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