What should be the kbps setting for one of the WANs in case of multi-WAN setup?

  • Hi,

    We have two WANs ("WAN" and "WAN2"). We want to enable traffic shaping between LAN and "WAN" (not "WAN2"). In each of the WAN, we have bandwidth of 512kbps each making our total outbound bandwidth 1024kbps.

    In the screen of Traffic Shaper wizard, it asks for the LAN-side bandwidth. Our question is, for our situation as above, should this bandwidth setting be 512kbps or 1024kbps or is it the case that it has no relation with WAN-side bandwidth levels?

    Should we rather set it up as 1000000kbps (1 GB, which is our LAN bandwidth)?

    For WAN-side bandwidth, we're entering 512kbps, which is the actual bandwidth we get from our ISP in "WAN" interface.

  • just think of it in terms of upstream and downstream and it's much easier
    wan = downstream
    lan = upstream

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