• I am in the process of installing 2.4.4 on a raid 1 array (2x75 gig drives) and would like to use the raid 10 array (150gigx4) also on the machine to store logs and data since the space is much larger.
    Like to know the best way to do this in the 2.4.4 configuration

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  • Netgate Administrator

    pfSense is not configured to support multiple disks other than hardware raid or geom mirrors (or ZFS pools). There is no provision to mount additional disks in the GUI. It has been done before but some custom scripting is required to make sure services relying on additional disks are handled gracefully should the disk not be mounted for example.

    For logging you can install the syslog-ng package and specify the storage location on another disk. Then export the pfSense logs to it. Again though you can edit the fstab to mount that but it may be overwritten.

    Hosting a syslog server externally is the recommended way to go.