how to allow esp8266 to see my server locally behind pfsense

  • I’m setting pfsence up for the 1st time and haven't messed with much so you can call me a newbie, I intend on replacing my main router eventually. I’ve been testing it on my pc and a few servers behind the main router and like it, so the dilemma is I have an esp8266 that sends udp info to my server locally, both are on the same ip range wireless and wired, I have another wireless router for the family on a different range so the question is how do I replicate this behind pfsence, I have a wireless card coming so is it possible to create a vlan for both to be on the same range or even normally between to cards?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If they are on the same subnet, the traffic would never hit pfSense. If it doesn't work, check in your AP for a setting like "client isolation" and disable it.

    If they are on different subnets and both of those subnets route through pfSense, such as a VLAN, then you'd just need to allow the traffic in your firewall rules.