configs are auto-saving once per minute

  • I'm using pfsense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 community version, with captive portal enabled. It's auto-saving every minute. How can I make it more reasonable?


  • I should also mention the setting of Auto Configuration Backup, as following:


  • Developer Netgate

    Code was introduced to prevent this at least a year ago so I can't explain why you are seeing this. Look in the file /etc/inc/ on line 239 and you will see that it is excluding backups due to voucher syncing.

    I can only guess that for some reason that file is not up to date in your firewall, or there is an issue no one else has seen. It does seem to be working as expected in my lab, however.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The config history doesn't necessarily show you everything you'd see in ACB. Those backups should be skipped when updating ACB, but they will still show in the config history.

    It's doing as it says in the configuration change description there -- synchronizing vouchers. If you have an HA setup with Captive Portal it has to update the voucher usage on each node so that if you have a failover, the voucher usage and expiration is the same on both units.

    If you do see those in ACB, you could opt to change ACB to a periodic scheduled backup instead of backing up on every change.

  • @steve_b
    /etc/inc/ says the following:
    if((strpos($reason, 'Syncing vouchers') !== false ||
    strpos($reason, 'Captive Portal Voucher database synchronized') !== false) ) {

    First of all, where do I set the $reason parameter?
    2. the ACB module is in fact working fine, the number of configuration files stored on the netgate's server is correct. But the number of config files saved on my router is crazily high. Does this ( also control the behavior of that?

  • @jimp said in configs are auto-saving once per minute:

    You're right, my problem lies at the config history, not ACB. ACB is working fine.
    For your info, I don't have HA setup at all.
    How can I make the auto "config history" insensitive to "synchronizing vouchers"?

  • Developer Netgate

    No. ACB and local config backups are separate systems. A checkbox to allow vouchers syncs to be excluded from local backups might be a good idea. I'll look into that once v 2.5 is stable.