HA Sync - Lab Testing Ideas.

  • Hi Team.

    I want to test / practice PFSync and HA in a lab environment. I have a spare supermicro pizzabox appliance with 4 10gbe interfaces on the front. Any suggestions on rigging up a 2nd unit. As long as specs are similar and it also has enough interfaces we should be OK??


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Everything needs to match. If you have:

    WAN wan ix0
    LAN lan ix1
    OPT1 opt1 ix2.200
    OPT2 opt2 ix2.201

    The other node needs to be exactly the same. I generally use Status > Interfaces when checking for matches since that one page gives you the description (OPT1), the internal interface name (opt1), and the physical/virtual interface name (ix2.200).

    Firewall rules are synced primary -> secondary to the same internal interface name (opt2 -> opt2).

    States are synced bi-directionally to the physical/virtual interface (ix2.200 <-> ix2.200)

    Technically the interface descriptive name can be different but why not make them match?

    Things like amount of RAM, storage, CPU don't matter that much in a lab environment as long as you are aware of the limitations and work based on the size of the lower-capacity node.

    Another option is just putting proxmox, etc on the supermicro and use VMs. then you can do hosts behind them, VPNs to other nodes, etc.

  • Thanks Sir! Really appreciated, I will let you know how I get on.

  • Hi Derelict.

    Was able to get this setup. Worked a treat, easy as! Thanks for your help


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