How to add an image in the squidguard redirect info ??? - SOLVED

  • Hi,
    I'm quite new in pfsense and I was wondering if it si possible to add an image in the redirect info page in the SquidGuard.
    I have an image I copied to the server and I want to display it with the redirect info message.

    I was testing by adding the following to the redirect info message but I can't set the source in order to work corectly.


  • The issue was solved.
    The image has to be copied into the folder /usr/loca/www/
    The line to call the image goes something like this:

    Thanks anyway

  • Odracir,
    I think you attached an image located on your local PC ( Why don't you attach the image to the board so we can all see it. Thanks.

  • Is this the ext redirect?  Will it work when loaded in the /usr/local/www folder?  What will the exact code be?  What type of image - jpg, png, gif?  I am using proxy in transparency mode.  I have been getting the "error" minor bug, I read about in a different squidguard thread.  Squid and LightSquid is working properly.  I am currently trying to get squidguard working using the bigblacklist.  Thanks guys.

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