Installing pfSense on a RAID 1+0 via onboard ICH10R contoller

  • I am having problems installing to a MB GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DQ6 P45 motherboard. I chose this board because it has 4 onboard ethernet and runs super cool in a small chassis. I would like to install pfsense to a RAID 1+0 plugged into the onboard ICH10R controller. The install went very smoothly and I chose the RAID drive, but when it trys to reboot I get a "No boot loader" error and it will not boot from the hard drive. I read a while ago that there was not support for software RAIDs, but the ICH10R isn't really a software RAID. It should be seen the same as a hardware RAID. What else could be wrong?

  • The ICH10R is still a software raid since the CPU has to do all the work and the controller doesnt take much of the load.

    Have you looked at the supported hardware list of freeBSD if the controller is there?

  • Generally all motherboard based "hardware" RAID is software RAID (aka "fake-RAID" or "HostRAID").  It's only if you get into the server boards that you'll find real hardware RAID.  Indeed, as a rule of thumb if you spent under $200 on the RAID card itself then it's most likely a software RAID unit.

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